Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Amazing Facts


Socrates was one of the wisest men in Greece? He became famous for asking questions about almost everything.

Alexander the Great was one of the most famous generals in history? He conquered much of the early civilized world, and introduced Greek ideas and ways to the people he conquered.

Hammurabi, a famous historical world leader, defeated the Sumerians about 3,000 years ago, and created Hammurabi's Laws which stated that strong people should not hurt weak people?

The first Egyptian pharaoh was Menes? Pharaoh is another name for king.

One of Egypt's most famous and powerful pharaohs was a woman names Hatshepsut? She sent ships to parts of the world to find treasures.

Confucius was one of China's greatest teachers?

Julius Caesar was a famous Roman dictator? He was responsible for conquering many new lands for Rome.

Augustus Caesar became the first Roman emperor? He brought peace to the Roman empire.

Charlemagne was one of the greatest kings to rule during the Middle Ages? He believed that people should learn as much as they could.

Martin Luther founded the Protestant religion?

King William of France conquered the English, and after his death, other kings built a strong government for England?

Henry II of England established laws for all of the people of England?

King John, who was considered unfair, was forced by English nobles to sign the Maga Carta which limited the powers of a king?

Under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I, England became one of the most powerful nations in the world?

Joseph Stalin, a leader of the Soviet Union, wanted all of Eastern Europe to become communist?

Lech Walesa was a famous leader in Poland who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983? He was the leader of the Solidarity movement in Poland which won freedom from communist rule.

Mikhail Gorbachev, a famous leader of the Communist party, is known for bringing many new ideas into the communist government?

One of the most famous leaders in Africa was Nelson Mandela? He fought against apartheid (separation of whites and blacks)?

Mao Zedong, a Communist general, took control of China after World II ended and began to rebuild China?

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